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Subj: Think That You’re Prepared To Survive The Inevitable Armageddon? THINK AGAIN! 

Alt Subj: Forget Everything You Know About Being Prepared For The Inevitable. Then... READ THIS!

Hi [subscriber]!
I just came across a downright awesome system that teaches you how to become 100% food/water-independent, no matter how bad things get, or for how long.
What’s particularly amazing is that literally anyone can do it!
As a fellow survivalist, I think you know how much security and peace of mind that can mean, especially when things turn ugly fast (and trust me, they will!). 
>> Click Now To Ensure That Your Family Will Always Have Adequate Food And Water – No Matter How Bad Things Get!<< [aff link]
This proven training will save you money, while enabling you to be fully-independent from the government and global food cartels!

>> Click Now To Learn More! [aff link]
Trust me on this... 
 Check out this video NOW [aff link], because something tells me that they’re not going to be able to leave it up for long!
You’ll understand when you watch!
This is a major game changer for people like you and me who want to maximize our chances of survival, when the inevitable happens!
Do NOT miss this!
Talk soon,
[aff name]

Subj: It’s Simple. You Need To Get Prepared NOW, The RIGHT WAY – Here’s How!

Alt Subj: Most People Fall Short On This Critical Part Of Their Survival/Preparation Plan. Are You Doing It Too?
Hi [subscriber]!

Here’s the ugly truth… 

What’s happening in various hotspots around the world, like Venezuela, Syria, and Haiti, have little or nothing to do with economics or even the environment...

More than anything, it has more to do with instability that’s being caused and perpetuated by the elites!

And if you care at all about your family’s safety, you’ll STOP what you’re doing right now, and WATCH this critically-important video![aff link] 

Heed its terrifying warning, because I can assure you…

...government agencies and FEMA are sure as hell preparing for what’s to come. 

Because they know what YOU DON’T.

The global elites, the ones with the all the power and riches, they’re not going to need to worry… 

But regular people like you and me? 

We’ll all be unwitting victims, struggling and even killing to survive –- unless we take the time to prepare for the inevitable – RIGHT NOW.

You and I both know that this isn’t a joke, or an overreaction. 

Trust me on this, Watch this video NOW!

This is serious stuff, and the time to act and prepare is NOW.

  >> Watch This Video Presentation And Learn What FEMA And The Elites Don’t Want You To Know! [aff link]

I think you’ll agree that this is a GAME-CHANGER for people who truly want to be prepared and ready for anything! 

With what you learn, you’ll be able to prepare yourself and your family for the inevitable, global SHTF – starting TODAY. 

>> Click NOW To Learn More! [aff link]

If you’re planning on your family’s survival the right way, and want to save a ton of money doing it… trust me, YOU NEED THIS. 

And check it out soon. 

Because seriously, there are forces out there that don’t want you to know about this. 

Until next time!
[aff name]

Email #3
Email #4
Subj: The Single Point Of Failure In Virtually Any Survival/Preparation Plan Is…

Alt Subj: Don’t Fail On This Critical Aspect Of Your Survival/Preparation Plan!

Hi [subscriber]!
If you’ve been working your way toward getting fully prepared for the inevitable “SHTF” situation, then you probably know what the most vulnerable aspect is also the most basic… 

...food and water. 

That’s right, no matter how great your plan is to cover every other aspect of survival... 

...no matter how much fuel or backup power you have or anything else...

...it won’t amount to much without a rock-solid, super-reliable food and water strategy that will keep you and your family alive for the duration. 

In fact, most survivalists think that being “prepared” means having a month’s worth of food and water stocked up. 

When things go bad, you’re going to need more than that! 

Take a few minutes, and learn about these simple-but-effective strategies that will ensure that you and family never run out of food or water…

...no matter how bad things get, or how long things stay bad!

I’m NOT kidding!

>> Find Out How To Truly Survive The Inevitable Global Armageddon NOW! [aff link]

This PROVEN system delivers a rock-solid, perpetual food and water survival system, starting TODAY. 

Best of all, at a cost so ridiculously low that it will blow your mind!

A food and water supply strategy that will easily handle all of your family’s needs and demands, for any length of time!

Whether we’re talking about weeks, months, or even years, you’ll be assured of your family’s survival. 

You will finally be able to ensure all the food and water that you and your family will ever need and be 100% independent from the global food chain!

>>Learn More Now! [aff link]

This resource shows you exactly how to survive the inevitable, and a whole lot more!

Check it out now. I promise that you’ll be glad you did!

Until next time!
[aff name]

P.S., Understand that this training teaches you how to not only survive, but thrive. 

Especially during times that other people will be resorting to desperate measures just to barely survive! 

Don’t miss this! Watch the video now! [aff link]

Subj: What The Global Elites And Powers That Be Don’t Want You To Know! 

Alt Subj: Are You Putting Your Family At The Mercy Of The Global Elites And Your Government? 

Hi [subscriber]!

Just like Big Oil doesn’t want us to stop buying gasoline and switching to clean energy, the global elites don’t want you think that you will ever need to stockpile food and water. 

Why? Because they want the unwitting public to be 100% dependent on them and at their complete mercy! 

Let’s face it. Without food or water, it doesn’t matter what else you do to plan for survival.

 The all-powerful and wealthy elites know that, and trust me, they’ve got that covered for themselves. 

The only way that they’ll be able to keep control of the masses is by controlling the food and water supplies.

In fact, the CEO of Nestle’ has already publicly stated that he doesn’t think that drinking water is a “human right”!

What more do you need to know?

So if you truly want to become fully-prepared and independent, then you NEED to NOT play the elites’ game!

With a proven, easy-to-deploy strategy, you can keep yourself from being a victim of the greedy global elites and food cartels any longer!

>>Watch The Video Now And Learn The Secret What The Global Elites Don’t Want You To Know! [aff link]

It’s simple. They want to control the masses and force you to stay dependent on them!

By learning the simple strategies that this master survivalist laid out, you can become 100% food and water independent – starting TODAY!

You’re not only going to learn how to keep more money in your pocket (and out of the coffers of the global elites), you’re going to become truly independent AND prepared for the inevitable cataclysm

! >>Ensure Your Family’s Survival Now![aff link]

Thanks for reading!
[aff name]

P.S., Remember, There’s absolute NO risk to fully check this system out and try it for yourself! - Get It Now! [aff link]

Email #5
Email #6
Subj: If You’re Trying To Achieve REAL Independence and Preparation – YOU MUST READ THIS!

Alt Subj: Listen. Do What You Need To Do Now, So You Will Truly Survive Later, When Others Won’t.

Lately, I’ve been mailing you about an eye-opening video presentation that tells the ugly truth behind the intentions of the greedy global elites and food cartels... 

...and how they want to keep the rest of us under their thumbs and at their mercy. 

We already know how things turn out when a situation becomes unmanageable… 

Just check out what’s going on in places like Venezuela, Syria and Haiti, among other global hotspots.

Think that it can’t happen in the US and the rest of the industrial world? 


So if you’re not understanding the need to become 100% food and water independent by now, then rest assured…

.you’re being dangerously suckered. 

 And that’s EXACTLY what the global elites want! 

Even worse, is that you’re literally handing them over tens of thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money over the course of your lifetime… 

...just to stay dependent and at their mercy! 

 Stop the madness. 

>> Click NOW To Learn What The Global Elites Don’t Want You To Know! [aff link] 

It’s a fact: The vast majority of survivalists and preppers simply don’t account for adequate food/water-independence in their plans! 

 And all it takes is knowing a super-simple yet highly-effective step-by-step strategy! 

When you ensure total food and water independence, you’ll ensure your family’s survival. 

 No matter what is happening around or how bad the national/global situation gets! 

And again, “The Powers That Be” DO NOT want you to know this! 

>>Learn The Secrets Now And Become 100% Food/Water Independent – STARTING TODAY! [aff link] 

Until next time! 
[aff name] 

P.S. Trust me when I tell you, that there are powerful forces out there that don’t want you to see this presentation. 

 So watch it NOW while you still have a chance! [aff link] 

Subj: The Real Reason "Big Box" Stores Are Closing

Alt Subj: Your Local Bulk Food Warehouse is Closing 

It has nothing to do with the economy,

And if you care about your safety...

Please, stop what you're doing right now and take the time to watch this important warning![aff link] 

It's something FEMA is already preparing for!

Because it's the ONLY video that reveals the true extent of a disaster of biblical proportions that is unfolding right now...

The government and elite are well aware of the scale of threat.

In fact, the humanitarian disaster about to unfold is just stage one of their sinister agenda...

Stage two, however will really make your blood boil...

I wish this was a joke.[aff link] 

Unfortunately it isn't.

It's deadly serious.

And it's headed to YOUR neighborhood...

WAY faster than you think.

>> Watch shocking video << [aff link] 

Talk Soon,
[Your Name]

P.S. Trust me when I tell you, that there are powerful forces out there that don’t want you to see this presentation. 

So watch it NOW while you still have a chance! [aff link]

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