Are You Really Prepared For Anything?
Picture this, it's been seven days since it hit the fan.

Your family's just run out of food and water, which means you only have two choices.

Head out and try to take some from someone else, or watch your family starve to death.

As you sit huddled and injured on the living room floor, debating how to save your family's lives, food riots have swept through your hometown like the plague.

Your wife and kids are starving right before your eyes and looking to you to save them.

You're starting to panic over the frequent gunshots and the looting mobs getting closer and closer.
People's pantries are empty and they're desperate.

You pray the power will come back on, and truly hope that emergency workers are fixing the problem.

With absolutely no light, no internet, no heat, and with no help to survive the real-life disaster scenario you woke up to, just seven days ago.

Be honest with yourself, if this scenario were to unfold right now, would you be prepared to cope with the utter devastation and desperation that's coming your way?
If not, you must listen to this short public announcement, because in the next few moments I'm going to share a foolproof system to truly provide your family with the protection they need.

 We all pay for car insurance, flood insurance, homeowners insurance, medical insurance, but stuff is replaceable.

You and your family's lives are not.

Yet nine out of ten people will ignore the one form of insurance that's designed to literally save the lives of you and your family.

The only insurance must-have is preparedness.

Hopefully you'll never need it, but if you do it will become the most valuable possession you'll ever own.
Because, as you already know, an apocalypse can come in any form.
It's plastered all over the news, just waiting to strike. ISIS beheadings, terrorist bombings, political riots, race wars, North Korea and Iran’s relentless nuclear programs, Russia's new Satan missile. 

Combine the threat of World War 3 with the new severe weather events becoming the new terrifying norm.

The 100-year flood ravished West Virginia, killing 23.

Deadly floods in Texas killed 234 people, nine of which were trained military members.

Hurricane Matthew slamming Haiti, the Bahamas, and then the east coast of the United States, killing 27 in the United States alone.

And these are just three of the major natural disasters to hit the United States in recent years.

I haven't even brought up the tornadoes and winter storms that tore apart the Midwest and Northeast.

Or the massive earthquake in Rome, or the giant tsunamis wiping out the Philippines.

 I think we can both agree that social unrest and natural disasters, are increasing in intensity and frequency.
Having just a basic three-day supply of food and water will not keep you or your family alive for when it hits the fan.

And if you think you can just walk into your local grocer tomorrow and fill your cart up, think again.

Just look at the empty store shelves and drained gas pumps in Florida when they were told to prepare for Hurricane Matthew, and they had notice.

So how do you guarantee that you'll never find yourself as a victim, sitting curled up on a cold, dark floor, being forced to listen to your starving kids cry? 

Stop what you're doing and take the next five seconds to listen, because, I promise you, this is the fully-loaded answer to everything you could possibly need in a crisis situation and I'm about to give it all to you. 

My name is Matthew Myers and I have good news. 75% of being prepared for when it hits the fan is simply a matter of going shopping.
If you have a few basic supplies on hand, you'll be ahead of 99% of the population.
Now, I must warn you, the supplies I'm talking about here are not just the ready-made go bags you can order online.
Unfortunately, those prepackaged survival kits are mainly for people who only need to survive for a couple of days.

I'm talking about being prepared to survive any catastrophe, when help isn't coming right away, when the cavalry isn't coming to your rescue. 
You're completely on your own and if you don't have a plan for the long haul, the tragic scenario we just imagined will become your new reality after your pathetic three-day food supply runs out.  

And even if you've purchased pre-packaged emergency provisions, you're sitting ducks, just like everyone else.  

That's because those pre-packaged prepper food kits are only designed to get you through one, or maybe two weeks, tops. They will not keep you and your family fed and alive for months. 

 I've personally spent my life developing the knowledge and skills to survive any disaster, for extended periods of time. I've sought the help of top-trained survival experts who have years of battle-tested, in-the-field experience.
I've even personally studied under a Navy SEAL commander who led covert operations in some of the deadliest places on earth for over 13 years.
You can say he is about as good as it gets, when it comes to learning survival from.

What I've done is I've compiled every survival tip and advanced training that has been field tested to work and will walk you through everything you need to do, to ensure your family doesn't starve during any kind of emergency situation.
And while I hope you never need to use these survival tactics, we can't predict the future, and that is the entire point of why we pay for car insurance and homeowner's insurance.
Investing a tiny bit now will ensure a massive payoff when it hits the fan.
I personally can't tell you when or what is going to happen.
What I do know for absolute certainty is that when it hits, it doesn't announce itself.
It will completely unexpected, and if you don't start to prepare today it may be too late for you and your family.
 The relentless civil unrest we are already experiencing is cause for concern.
Combine that with calamity of the world and Mother Nature and we're a ticking time bomb, so you must take action.
And if you want a giant shortcut, my 9 Meals Away preparedness-training program will give you a complete system for protecting yourself and loved ones.

 The 9 Meals Away, preparedness-training program is definitely for you. 
A PROVEN self-sufficiency blueprint and advanced training that won't cost you thousands of 
dollars and take months to implement. 

You get all of the steps, including my proven tips, tricks and hacks to perpetually survive and 
thrive during any food crisis, no matter the reason!

Ensure that you and your family always have more than enough nutritious food to ensure long-term 
Just Some Of What You’ll Learn With 9 Meals Away:
  • Advanced stockpile protection training: When the inevitable becomes reality, rest assured that looters and even the government will come searching for your food stockpiles.

    You’ll learn how to hide your food stocks ‘in plain sight’, as well as how to extend the shelf life of your food stockpile, so it remains edible for months instead of weeks.
  •  Advanced techniques for stockpiling on a tight budget: The average citizen doesn’t have thousands of dollars lying around to put towards food stockpiles.

    With these proven strategies, you’ll build a stockpile of food supplies and inventory, quickly and easily. Best of all, without draining your bank account.

    (NOTE: This training alone will pay for your investment in this training several times over!)
  • The master grocery shopping list: Over the course of my research and experimentation, I’ve perfected an easy-to-use shopping list template. This master list tells you exactly what to buy, recommended quantities, and even how often to buy them.

    You’ll save months of planning and research, while saving hundreds of dollars per year on unnecessary and wasteful food purchases. 
  • Advanced training for psychological conditioning: When it comes to survival… the mindset and adaptability of you and your family is critical.

    When you have the proper ‘survival mindset’, your family has the best chance of surviving through any ordeal, both physically and mentally. That’s what you’ll get!
  • And much more!
Make No Mistake. 
The Time To Prepare is NOW.
As I said in the video, I'm not going to beat you over the head with the headlines and news that's 
coming out each day. 

You already know what's happening. 

Bottom line: I'm offering you the training and knowledge to ensure your family’s long-term survival.
Regardless of what cataclysmic events hit home:
  • Flooding, drought, extreme weather and all other natural disasters
  •  Major economic uncertainty and/or loss of purchasing power
  • Global political unrest, high unemployment rates and other economic factors 
  • Rising global food prices, that are already at critical levels in many parts of the world!
  • Rising poverty rates due to increased food prices and lower wages or devalued currency
  • Dwindling global food reserves, which are already at their lowest levels in over 40 years!
  • Devastating crop losses and continuously-declining agricultural output
  • And many other factors!

Don't Wait Until it's Too Late! 
The sooner you implement your food and water plan from this training, the further ahead of the 
curve you’ll be. 

And on top of that, you'll immediately start saving money on food (I'm talking several hundred 
dollars per year)! 

This is real money that you can save up and/or invest into other resources and equipment to 
improve your preparedness. 

So you’ll be even better off when the inevitable SHTF arrives!

Make the necessary preparations and investment now in order to protect you and your family 
Become Fully Prepared Now!

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  • The Key Essentials Of Off-Grid Living! 
  • Why You Can No Longer Rely On The Public Grid!
  • The Key Supplies and Items That Assures Your Off-Grid Plan Is Successful!
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Terrorist attacks are becoming commonplace all around the US and the globe. This comprehensive, no-nonsense guide will 

Just some of what we cover:
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  • What You NEED To Know Regarding The Growing Threat of Terrorism In Your Own Backyard!
  • Key Strategies To Surviving a Nuclear or “Dirty Bomb” Attack!
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Bonus #3: The SHTF Situation Preparedness Guide and Checklist

This comprehensive, no-nonsense guide will walk you through the critical points of your prep plan, and ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Just some of what we cover:
  • The Top 3 Areas Where Most Preppers Fall Dangerously Short!
  • Why Having a Bug-Out Bag Is Critical, And What Items It MUST Include!
  • Essential Clothing That You Must Have Ready At All Times!
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This highly-detailed report ensures that you’ll know exactly what to do, in any disaster!

This report is easily worth $37, you get it as a bonus – FREE!
Bonus #4: The Monthly Plan for Long Term Preparedness

A month by month plan for you to prepare for a disaster before it happens. Be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that your family will have what it needs to be safe.

Just some of what we cover:
  • Calculate what your family needs to survive for a period of 3 days to a year without electricity, gas, or running water!
  • Get a step-by-step plan to prepare rather than trying to do everything at once!
  • Get educated about how you can handle a period of long-term economic crisis or unemployment!
  • And MUCH more!
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To your family's security and survival!
Matthew Myers
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